“Chin up, or your crown will slip!”

“Chin up, or your crown will slip!” – Dana (not sure who really said it first)

Well, it happened. Our first “genuine design” got “stolen”. We knew it would happen. It was a matter of time. But it still stings. I am glad others can profit off our beauty. And I am proud we produced something desirable. Not gonna lie though, it did make me mad at first.

So what now? We keep truckin. Dana and I do not come up with every design we use and there is no doubt that some of the items we have run in this group have been designs some other woman from some other boutique has designed and had stolen like us and we were none the wiser at the time. We have learned a lot in this business and unfortunately “this” is simply how “that” goes. I have come to terms with it and have come to accept it as a form of flattery.

We hope you love your Exclusive Foxtail Lilies items when you can get them first and we hope that you are able to appreciate the efforts taken to provide you with pieces that are not provided in every other group (at least not for a couple of months 😊). We are flattered when other groups ATTEMPT to copy our style or take the exact design. It let’s us know we are trendsetters.

As always, we appreciate you supporting our small business. You allow Dana and I to fulfill a big dream and for that we are very grateful.    



P.S. We have a bunch of OUR original design Princess Twirl Dresses arriving this week! Watch the website as Dana will load them there!